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tv   NBC10 News Today at 430am  NBC  April 13, 2017 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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an alternate. as soon as we start to see the morning commute get a little bit underway, we're going have the schuylkill not really the alternate there. right now, heading westbound or eastbound in those directions you'll be fine. here is the schuylkill just around golf mills. looks like we're finally cleared out of the way. had road flairs here. tractor trailer crash on the westbound side of skoog. no problems with the drive times. also watching 202. green here on the roads. happening today in new castle county. judge is going to rule on whether three teenage girls are going to be held responsible for the death of a classmate. >> reporter: tracey, next year will be -- or next week will be one year since amy joiner francis died in school bat room. behind me courthouse in downtown
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wilmington is where the verdict will be read later today. three classmates charged in her death, not just carrying it out, but planning it as well. prosecutors say it only took a few minutes for 16-year-old amy joiner francis to die. last april beaten in a stall in the girls bathroom. when her attackers who were her classmate did not know she had a rare heart condition. the million examiner revealed that joiner francis died from emotion and physical trauma tied to the assault. it was captured on cell phone video which was played for the court during this nonjury trial. when we last heard from the judge who is providing over this case, that was on tuesday. he said he would have a verdict today. the defense argues while the girls made a bad decision that day, they didn't know their actions would lead to amy joiner francis's death. coming up at 5:30. share with you just how many years each defendant faces if
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found guilty. reporting live in wilmington, katie zach rhode island, nbc 10. new from overnight. checkout damage to philadelphia home. police say the car slammed into a house here after colliding with another car near cheltenham avenue. driver of one of the cars tells us her steering wheel locked up as she drove. no one here was hurt. nbc 10 pamela osborne have a live report for us from the scene coming up 25 a.m. new from overnight. every got out of row home fire in italian market of south philadelphia. fire started on third floor of home on washington avenue. no one was hurt. and tonight marks one week since the kidnapping and sex assault of 4-year-old girl in new castle county. >> police are asking people in the community to keep helping them try to solve the case. new castle police spoke to a crowd in wilmington last night. investigation covers a lot of ground. ten miles between where the girl
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was grabbed and later abandon. when asked if they have any leads, investigators said they're studying surveillance video from neighbors to find a suspect. >> people are so scared and i own the finance center, people today talking about they're afraid to leave the kids on the front porch. made the community a little frantic. very concerning when you're talking about children. >> police handed out information. the 4-year-old victim is with family and police praise her cooperation with detectives. philadelphia police spent much of the night searching for clues in armed robbery of an 88 korean war vet. >> same house police picked up two persons of interest in this case.
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>> as a vet myself. when i hear, i'm there to try to help them. my goal was i was going to be dedicated to helping vets. police continue to investigate, but think the robbery was set up by a woman the elderly vet had befriended. commemorating the last supper of christ. here's a look at the cathedral basilica. he'll bless oils for the sacrament. shifting gears in a big way. today is also wawa day. >> popular chain is celebrating the day wawa opened first door in 1964. this morning, wawa will hold oo ceremony. the store at 19th and market street. wawa plans to give away 2
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million cups of free coffee today. just today. >> that's a lot. >> also make an announcement about the wawa welcome america celebration. nbc 10 and telemundo exclusive television partners welcome wawa. >> which we love. >> philadelphia man taking up a legal fight after a violent confrontation with security. >> how a drink order left him bloodied and scarred. gambling booth. break down new numbers that show what's behind a big jump in business for atlantic city casinos. >> and honoring a young hero. explain how atlantic county first grader sr. credited with saving lives during a house fire. clear skies right now and a cooler morning. 54 degrees. live view of philadelphia international. going to be in for a lot of sunshine. like a nice flying day.
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there are changes. go through them neighborhood by neighborhood just ahead. xñósoñ?ñ?@ñ?ñ?ñ?
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check of the roads. watching a portion of kelly drive from an accident this morning. that's between hunting park avenue and route one right over here. here's kelly drive. you want to get through the area. mlk drive is still open. schuylkill is a great alternate for you as well. especially since we're not seeing volume there. here's 95. no problems right now. southbound side moving towards center city. 13 minutes in total from woodhaven road. moving up to vine street expressway. pa turnpike looks good here. look for construction on the westbound side. blocking the ramp, but the westbound drive time to valley forge just 23 minutes. updates for the rest of the
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morning and when i come back in about ten minutes. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> 4:39. 54 degrees right now. skies are clear in philadelphia. wind is blowing. see that wind out of the northwest. that's a cooling direction for us. going to keep things chillier during the day. see a lot of sunshine. 50 at 8:00. 57 at noontime. into the 60s this afternoon. right now in the suburbs, down to 50 degrees. 48, though, still falling at this hour under clear skies. 13-mile-an-hour wind. down to 8 miles an hour at 8:00. by lunchtime, close to 60 and 60s this afternoon. we're starting off with clear skies in lehigh valley. 46 degrees now. see the warm up will be a quick 150 at 10:00 and 61 at two. topping out at 4:00. new jersey nothing, but sunshine for today. not here yet. 52 degrees right now. cool down a bit. just after sunrise at 8:00. 49 degrees and then 50, middle
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50s by lunchtime and reach into the 60s for interior new jersey. the shore, looks like it's going to peek at 60 degrees. that's around noontime and we'll get that sea breeze cools us down a little bit. still beautiful sunshine all day long at the shore. delaware right now, 55 degrees. cools down to 50 at 8:00 and right back up to up every 50s. close to 60 at lunchtime. plenty of sunshine with just a few scattered clouds blowing in. northerly winds with temperatures in the 60s this afternoon. feeling comfortable all day long, but we have much warmer weather ahead for the weekend. still looking like showers for easter sunday. take a closer look at that when i come back in ten minutes with the ten day on ten. >> see you then, bill. new jersey has lifted drought warnings and watches across most of the state. >> officials say snow and rain that fell over the winter and spring has replentyished a majority of the state's reservoir. drought warning remains in effect. reservoir levels are still below
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normal. inform south jersey, no longer under that drought watch that was ordered last fall. a local shelt ser taking care of dozens of new dogs. >> we'll tell you how these chihuahuas ended up without a permanent home and what's next for them. also overdose anecdote. how a life saving drug will soon protect people in the great outdoors. vanessa: i got hurt and was given painkillers. by the time the drugs ran out, i was addicted. it happened so fast. i ended up on the streets, where the drugs are cheaper and easier to get.
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i was a full blown heroin addict, selling my soul to get high. when i realized i needed help i didn't know where to go. but i got help and you can too. you're not alone. help is within reach. call 844 reach nj or visit the road to recovery starts now.
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jurors in a murder trial will visit the spot where a little boy was found dead. made that ruling yesterday. shea he killed his three-year-old son brandon because he was impacting relationship with teenage girlfriend t. accused of killing son in october of 2015. the body was found in a wooded area near the home. jury selection is scheduled to begin next tuesday.
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to chester county. mother pleaded guilty to murder charges in 2014 beating death of her three-year-old son in coatesville. agreed to testify against her ex-boyfriend. prosecutors say the plea agreement will spare her a possible death sentence. authorities say three-year-old was hung up and beaten and then left to die. now to pike county where eric frein trial. asked for mercy and described breaking into a home and stealing food. frein is accused of kill alg strait trooper and wounding another and leading police on a manhunt for more than six weeks. soon carry device saving drug narcan. used to reverse deadly heroin overdose. 300 park staffers trained and equipped with the medication. in the past few years, dozens of people have overdosed in state
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parks and seven died. >> meet the head of willimingto police department. formerly introduced yesterday as chief of police. spent the last five years of chief of crime control strategies. tracey beat out 34 other candidates. first official day on the job is tomorrow. and in south jersey t cumberland county spca is now caring for two dozen chihuahuas. soon they'll need to find ale permanent place to stay. some are just puppies. officials say they weren't being properly cared for in former home. cleaning them up and giving checkups before putting them up for adoption. health department warns mosquito season has already started with the pests getting a jump on us this year. best way to reduce risk of bite is repair screens and remove any standing water that may be in
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your yard. >> 4:45. atlantic city casino cashing in thanks to internet gambling. march was their best month ever online. casinos won more than $221 million last month. which is a 40% jump from a year ago. cape may county, work is progressing along the still close closed bridge. the bridge was deemed unsafe and closed indefinitely earlier this month. tells nbc 10 he thinks the bridge will be open by the busy memorial weekend. long-term repairs won't be done until next winter. 14 minutes bfrl 5:00 a.m. portion of kelly closed because of accident. let's get an update. >> we're back open right now. within the last 10-15 minutes or so the accident scene has cleared out of the way. kelly drive was earlier closed between hunting park avenue around the roosevelt boulevard. right now back open.
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alternates needed for you there. also watching vine street expressway. here's camera around 24th street. here's eastbound side and westbound side. typically see more traffic moving westbound towards the schuylkill right now we're okay. bridges check out okay as well. watch for construction over the burlington bristol. alternating single lane traffic in both directions with construction project they have underway there. tacomy palmyra is clear. same goes with walt whitman. check in with drive times and new jersey when i come back. about 13 minutes now before 5:00 a.m. little cooler today than it was yesterday. >> looks like it's going be another great day. check the app. then i see the moon. then i talk to bill henley. >> that's an interesting progression there. we have a beautiful start. the moon is still up. it's going to set. you'll see a nice view this morning. skies are clear in wilmington. that has led to a cooler start this morning. 55 degrees in delaware.
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look at the suburbs and lehigh valley. philadelphia, south jersey, temperatures in the 50s. down to 51 degrees in chestnut hill. written house and graduate hospital 53. it's 52 for tarz dale, bustle n bustleton. and a school start there too. temperatures come down a bit more. allentown, quakertown, exton all in the 40s. 46 in redding. plenty of sunshine at 8:00 in philadelphia. 50 degrees. sunny skies for wilmington, atlantic city and trenton will warm into the 60s this afternoon. politic close to normal for this time of year. been unusually warm the last few days, but it is dry this morning. the clouds we started with yesterday not happening for us today. there are some clouds to the west and we'll get some of those this evening, but they will pass by dry. not going to get the wet whether that chicago is seeing until easter sunday. chance of showers and some thunderstorms too. look at the warmup. back into the 80s for
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philadelphia, the suburbs lehigh valley and we're not talking about all-day rain here. the best chance of showers and thunderstorms are going to be in the afternoon. that spreads into south jersey, extends into south jersey. shore and delaware more likely to stay dry and also see significant warmup. today and tomorrow cooler. 67 degrees this afternoon. won't be in the 70s like we were yesterday. 65 friday afternoon. warmup starts on saturday. saturday a beauty. 71 degrees. likely dry sunday morning. sunday afternoon will be watching for the showers and thunderstorms to develop, high of 83 degrees. then back to 70s for monday. back to the 60s for tuesday. another round of rain on wednesday and past wednesday, we could still see showers on thursday and then 60s for friday and saturday. as we dry out heading into next weekend, but saturday may see a few more showers. >> bill, thanks. the basketball season is now over for the 76ers.
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>> ended the year with the fourth worst record in the nba. one bright spot, ben simmons says he is fully healed from foot injury. he's got personality too. check this out. this is what he did. the last game against the knicks. he kind of messing around with that kid who is a knicks fan. covering him. blocks the shot and hey kid, this is what we do. hopefully do some of that with the real knicks. and not just the fans. that's what we want -- >> poor kid. he was like what happened. flat leasphillies are strugs year, but profitable. most profitable team in
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baseball. have you ever dreamed of catching a home run ball at citizens bank park and the crowd goes wild? there's an app for that. seat geek helps fan find the best seats at the game. now goes a step further tracking ideal seats for homers. analyzed every home run last year and where the balls landed and look at ticket prices so the app offers a map of the best sections to grab a homer without breaking your budget. that's cool. >> the way they were pitching, the mets, that could be everywhere on the field. you can catch a homer. here's a live look now at the link in south philadelphia's sports complex. a fundraiser scheduled for tonight to help raise money for the museum. chalked full of unique and rare items from the flphillies and eagles. exact home for the museum still up in the air. planners hope to have it open in
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2019. up next on nbc 10 at 5:00, second in command is now apologizing amid an investigation. >> tell you how he was allegedly mistreating his staff and the changes he's vowing to make. and attacked at the pub. philadelphia man claim as bartender threw a glass at him leaving him scarred for life. hear what he says led to the violence.
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good morning, everyone. jessica boyington watching the roads. this is the blue route. cameras around ridge pike. both directions look okay for now. updates the rest of the morning and check in with new jersey when i come back. thank you, jessica. philadelphia's murder rate on the rise. police department reports a 20% uptick in killings this year. arguments between people are the primary motive behind the 85 murders logged this year. the city's murder rate had did
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slightly the last two years. nbc 10 exclusive. man say as bartender threw a glass at his face is suing the bar where it happened. this is what he looked like after the incident last september. needed 20 stitches and was treated for a head injury, a cracked jaw, displaced teach and impression. he wants more than $50,000 in damages. every time i wake up in the morning. see all these scars, it brings me back to that moment. why did this even happen. >> according to the lawsuit a guest bartender was involved. they don't know his name. went to paddy wax for his side of the story. this morning sad news concerning the temple football family. winningest coach in history has died. harden is a college hall of
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famer. former coach suffered a massive stroke this week. he was 9 # years old. new audit brings up staffing concerns in philadelphia. found 17 schools don't meet appropriate staffing levels to qualify for state funds. promotional videos like this one are helping them recruit new teachers. actually hoping to recruit 1,000 teachers to hire for the next school year. veterans looking for work may find an opportunity at the camden county veterans job fair today. starts at 8:30. more than 150 employers will be there. community saluted veterans last night at the banquet.
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the british metal foundry where the liberty bell was cast is officially closed. the white chapel bell foundry started making bells in the 1570. made the liberty bell in 1572. cracked first time it was rung. also made big ben. company closed for financial reasons. atlantic city county school will hold a ceremony today to honor a young hero. quick thinking first grader saved lives when he tore through family's home. flames and smoke in his bedroom startled the eight-year-old out of his sleep. so he ran to wake up the rest of the family inside the burning home. his stepdad then got the boy, his mom, four-year-old sister and the family dog safely
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outside. >> he told me, he's like mom, i don't know what happened, but i woke up and i told myself i had to be bereave and i jumped off the bed and my body new exactly what to do. >> the family is staying with relatives right now. cane who has autism is a first grader where that ceremony to honor him will be held today. >> how cool is that. >> very cool he had the insti t instincinstinc instincts. >> and he's autistic. some people think if you're autistic, you don't have those instincts. >> he was paying attention at the right time. that's for sure. now for more stories at 5:00 a.m. out of control. new from overnight. car slams into a home in east oak lane, leaving behind a trail of damage. judge found dead. a woman who made history in new york is found floating in the hudson river. >> not getting along. president trump changes tune on russia saying the relationship is at all-time low.
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just before 5:00, good morning and welcome to nbc 10 today. i'm tracey davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. little cooler today. let's get right to meteorologist bill henley. unlike yesterday. we are completely clear this morning. skies are clear and temperatures have been dropping overnight and they are still falling right now. down to 44 degrees in the lehigh valley. 44 for the lehigh valley and 45 in the suburbs. i'll give you the full view of it there. right there. 51 degrees in philadelphia. nice and clear. thank you very much. delaware, you're in the clear this morning. 50 at 6:00. sunshine and up to 52 degrees. not a huge warmup. not to begin with. we will warm into the 60s later today. i'm break it down hour by hour to show you how quickly those cooler temperatures will disappear today when i'm back in ten minutes. first, jessica boyington watching first alert traffic. >> we're watching the 42 freeway. this is just around the belmar
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area. route 44 free around route 41. everything is looking okay now. northbound side moving up towards philadelphia area. and towards 295. no problems or delays reported. moving over to delaware memorial bridge and from the jersey side into delaware that's where we're seeing construction. you can see it's not really causing any problems across the bridge. watch for delays when you get off the bridge because of construction there, but right now getting over into delaware shouldn't be that much of a problem. here's 95 moving through delaware. once you're there, you're good to go. ten minutes in both directions north and south. 295 to 495 speeds also in the 60s. new from overnight. driver says her steering wheel locked up sending her straight into this home. the impact was so powerful took out a chunk of the house in east oak lane. joins us live from the scene. there's a woman inside the house at the time of the crash.


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